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10 Reasons You Should Buy an Off-the-Plan Apartment

John Tran
December 19, 2022
10 Reasons You Should Buy an Off-the-Plan Apartment

Are you considering buying an off-the-plan apartment? If so, you're making a wise decision. 

Off-the-plan apartments are becoming increasingly popular, and it's easy to see why. From convenient locations in popular areas to flexible payment plans, there is much to love about off-the-plan investments. 

They have several advantages that other properties don't, making them a perfect option to enter the property market without breaking the bank.

So, we will cover the top 10 justifications for purchasing an apartment off-the-plan in this blog. Let's first clarify what an off-the-plan apartment is.

What is Off-the-Plan Apartment?

Off-the-plan homes are frequently recently built or developed homes which means they are brand new and frequently offer some of the newest modern amenities. Despite the fact that many people buy them to rent them out, they can be used for residential and financial purposes.

The best thing about an off-the-plan apartment is that you don't have to wait around until construction is complete since as soon as your deposit is paid, you become the owner and can benefit from the growth in value over time, creating capital gains that you could use for living expenses or other investments.

Of course, there are certain risks associated with purchasing off-the-plan apartments. Since these developments still need to be completed, it cannot be easy to fully understand how they will look when finished or what other buildings may be added to the area, which could affect their value. 

With that said, if you're prepared to take a risk and have done your homework on the development, an off-the-plan apartment could be what you need to get started in the property market! 

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy an Off-the-Plan Apartment

Lower entry cost

With lower entry costs than established properties, an off-the-plan apartment can provide more flexibility and help you unlock your financial potential. 

On top of that, the property's modern designs and construction techniques could mean more efficient energy usage and higher resale value. All these benefits make off-the-plan a desirable option for those wanting to kickstart their property portfolio or live in something new!  

However, when considering purchasing an apartment, it is essential to remember that there may be delays during the building process and any unforeseen costs that come with it. So do your research and ensure you understand all the potential risks before committing to a purchase. 

Customisation Options

The beauty of all these customisation options is that you don't have to worry about settling for something that isn't quite right. Whether it's the style of cabinetry in your kitchen, the type of countertops, or even the size and shape of your bathroom sink, there are various ways to personalise your living space until it feels like home. 

Incredible value for money

Property investment that is not yet built is a great investment. Given that prices are typically lower than what you'd pay for a property that has already been built, it can offer exceptional value for money.

That implies that you might upgrade the area or add more features to your new house without going over budget! Additionally, with some of the offers, you might be able to sell for a profit.

Planning process

Purchasing an off-the-plan apartment takes the hassle out of buying property since with the developer handling all the administrative work, you can focus on what matters – enjoying your new home! 

Since developers offer custom designs that you may modify to your needs, it's easier and faster and a great approach to getting exactly what you want in a property.

Choice of finishes

There is a world of opportunities for aspiring homeowners. You can create a truly unique home to your style and tastes with customisable options such as colours, furnishings, and fittings. 

An off-the-plan apartment can be anything you want it to be, whether you want a trendy, contemporary vibe or something more traditional.

Furthermore, it is an ideal method to enter the property market while also saving money because they come with the additional financial advantages of buying before construction is finished.

Professional help

One of the best benefits of purchasing an apartment is engaging a professional when selecting your property.

A fantastic method to make sure you get the most out of your investment is to have specialists on hand to make sure your purchase is as easy and stress-free as possible.

You can think about everything that will effect the outcome of your purchase with their assistance, from location and amenities to financing alternatives. They are not only able to offer priceless advice on these subjects, but they also have access to information that may one day boost the return on your investment.

Use building facilities to save money

An off-the-plan is worth considering when finding an affordable place to live. You get to enjoy a brand-new home with all the bells and whistles, and you can also take advantage of amenities from the building.

From swimming pools and gyms accessible for residents to use to communal outdoor areas that provide plenty of space for relaxation or entertainment – there's no need to pay extra money for these services when they're already included in your living situation. Plus, who wouldn't want to have access to a rooftop terrace where you can watch some amazing sunsets?

Having an off-the-plan apartment can give you everything from modern comforts and convenience to cost-saving amenities – so why not give it a try? It might just be worth it for your wallet (and sanity!).


No matter what state you're buying in, discounts on stamp duty and other taxes may be available - making your dream of owning a home much more achievable. 

For those purchasing a property in Victoria, specifically off-the-plan properties, the Victorian off-the-plan duty concession is an incentive worth looking into. This can provide eligible purchasers with impressive stamp duty reductions- making investing in your dream home more accessible. 

The Victorian government has raised the dutiable value barrier to $1 million for contracts entered on or after July 1, 2021, but before July 1, 2023.

Owners who rent out their finished unit may also be able to deduct certain expenses from their taxes.

Great views

There are many opportunities when you live in an apartment 15 stories above. On sunny days, you could see the Opera House or the Sydney Harbour Bridge sparkling in the sunlight. As you go higher, you will see more of the ocean.

But living 15 storeys up also means having a much brighter home as sunlight can reach further into every corner. And with no one below blocking out any of that natural light, you'll experience all sorts of weather – from sunsets over the city skyline to storms rolling through on summer mornings. There's something special about soaking it all in from up high.

So if you ever feel like getting away without leaving the city, take the elevator up 15 storeys, and you'll be well on your way! Living at that height certainly has advantages – you're guaranteed spectacular views and a little more sunshine daily. It's worth considering if you're looking for a new home.

Future potential

Last but not least, there is still the chance for future capital growth when you purchase an off-the-plan! This implies that you might one day be standing on a goldmine.

With so many advantages, it's understandable why purchasing an off-the-plan apartment is growing in popularity among both investors and homebuyers.

If you're seeking for a hassle-free way to climb the property ladder, this is the ideal option for you.

Final Word

There are many possibilities when it comes to investing in the property market but an off-the-plan apartment can be an attractive option for those looking for a sound investment with plenty of upside potential. Not only can you get more bang for your buck than a traditional house or condo, but the many perks associated with buying off-the-plan make it hard to beat.

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