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RBA Increased Cash Rate Again to 2.85%

John Tran
November 3, 2022
RBA Increased Cash Rate Again to 2.85%

The Reserve Bank of Australia or RBA increased cash rate again to 2.85% with a 25 basis point. How will this affect your monthly mortgage repayments, and is there any chance that the rake hike will stop before this year ends?

Since May, the Board has significantly raised interest rates due to Australia's rising inflation. This was required to create a more stable balance between supply and demand in the Australian economy and help reduce inflation closer to the target.

According to Governor Lowe, "Incoming data and the Board's assessment of the forecast for inflation and the labour market will continue to decide the amount and timing of future interest rate hikes."

"The board remained committed to its goal to bring inflation back to target and will take whatever actions are necessary to do so." (source: rba.gov.au)

How will the Rate Hike Affect your Mortgage Repayments?

As a result of the RBA's decision to raise the official cash rate, your monthly mortgage repayments will also increase.

Unless you have a fixed-rate mortgage, your repayments won't rise. However, if you are on a variable home loan, the banks will follow the RBA's lead and raise your interest rate.

This means that, for example, on a $300,000 loan over 30 years, mortgage holders will see an increase of around $16 in their monthly repayments.

Will the Rake Hike Stop Before the Year Ends?

The good news is that most economists think the majority of rate increases have already been made and may end as early as next month.

Commbank predicts a one-rate increase, with a top of 3.10 per cent in December 2022. In March 2023, NAB forecasted three hikes totalling 3.60%. According to Westpac, there will be a further increase of 3.85% in March 2023. Lastly, ANZ predicts a 3.85% increase in May 2023.

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